German Shepherd Puppies For Sale In California


German Shepherd Puppy Litters For Sale

Nadelhaus breeds and sells German Shepherd puppies in Northern California. We strive to select the perfect families and homes for our puppies and dogs: a place that will compliment both dog and human temperaments. We are very proud of our dogs, and it shows in the way they are raised and cared for here. We breed our German Shepherd puppies in the black and red color and while most of our puppies are short haired, we do occasionally have long haired puppies.

We have continuous service after the sale of our dogs. All dogs come with a written guarantee and have been vet-checked, socialized, vaccinated to date, de-wormed, temperament-tested by a professional dog trainer, and above all, very much loved! We do all this to insure that our German Shepherds are truly sound in mind and body.



Born May 31st

4 females



Born June 2nd

2 males
5 females



Arrived August 4th

Coming Soon!

Puppy Frequently Asked Questions

Nadelhaus German Shepherds is located in Northern California, near the city of Corning. Our customers come from all over including Sacramento, the Central Valley, the Bay Area, Southern California, and even from out of state. Not only do we breed German Shepherd puppies, we offer puppy and dog training, dog boarding, and can import fully-trained German Shepherds.

At Nadelhaus, we breed to the world standard, adhering to the rules of the Verein für deutsche Schäferhunde (SV), which in English stands for German Shepherd Association. This is the breed club founded in 1899 by Max von Stephanitz, who set the standards of the German Shepherd dog breed. The quality of dogs bred to the rules of the SV is second to none. A West German dog is regulated for its sound mind and body. We focus on breeding our dogs for structure, movement, workability, trainability, hips, elbows, pigment, and coat. Our goal is to to produce the best quality German Shepherd again and again, aiming to better the breed every time we breed our dogs.

Nadelhaus breeds German Shepherds puppies all year round and while the majority of puppies we sell are short coat (aka short hair), we do have occasionally have long cost (long hair) puppies. Check our Puppies & Litters page to see our current and expecting litters. Learn more about long haired German Shepherds.

Our Puppy Application page will provide you with more information on the application, deposit, and matching process. Once you have read through these steps, you can click through to the application form and view the prices for both Nadelhaus German Shepherd puppies as well as import German Shepherd puppies.

If you are not able to pick your puppy up from our facility in Northern California, we can ship a puppy to you. Shipping rates vary by location and include a health certificate vet visit, transportation costs, and an airline approved crate. Contact us for shipping details.

Puppies bred at Nadelhaus sell quick and even with a deposit, there is generally a wait list for our puppies. If you are interested in skipping the wait list, consider having a puppy imported from Germany. Importing a German Shepherd puppy is a special opportunity to acquire a very beautiful dog with special bloodlines. Both the female mother and male stud are often top V and VA dogs in Germany and come from very popular and highly sought after bloodlines. If you are interested in importing a puppy, simply fill out the same puppy application and click the checkbox that you would like to import a puppy.

All of our puppies receive their vaccinations and are de-wormed to date. They are vet checked at six weeks old. Your puppy will also be micro-chipped with an American Kennel Club (AKC) Reunite microchip before leaving Nadelhaus. Puppy owners must enroll their dog’s microchip ID number with their contact information so that they can be reached if their dog is found. Visit for more information.

All German Shepherd puppies purchased at Nadelhaus are registered with the AKC (American Kennel Club). When purchased, owners will leave here with their puppy’s AKC paperwork in hand. Owners must complete their portion of the paperwork and mail in the registration to the AKC along with the proper fee. We have some puppies born to German imports, so we must mail the paperwork to owners post-purchase. In addition to your AKC registration, your puppy will also be micro-chipped with an AKC Reunite microchips. Puppy owners must enroll their dog’s microchip ID number with their contact information so that they can be reached if their dog is found. Visit for more information.